We are a collective of three young women who met while working in a music festival team in Prague. After some years and many Covid months later, we decided to give life to a platform we had in our heads for quite some time. The pillars of our work are manifested by the platform via which we want to organize, educate, showcase, consult and cherish the audience and current society needs.

As we are at the beginning of our journey, this year we want to launch our activities by organizing a one-night music event, which we have named ‘crave’. The name and used graphics hold many meanings such as ‘crave’ – as tasting the new, having the cravings, exploring the unknown.
All of this is embodied in the graphic elements which refer to small refreshments (there is a special word ‘chlebíčky’ in Czech culture which refers to small open sandwiches adored by everyone).
These music snacks are about to be tasted by our visitors!

In the future, we would like to use the platform for various activities such as more music events, workshops, debates, gatherings and many more…