CRAVE is a manifesto of shared values, attitudes and ways we feel about the world nowadays. As music is the medium we can relate to the most, and where we apply our professional skills, we have decided to materialise our ideas in form of a one-night music event hosted at the Fuchs2 venue in Prague, Czechia.

The event will present several foreign artists as well as artists from the local scene. We believe that shared values are most likely to showcase throughout people (and their music expressions) who feel the same way about the topics we care about deeply, such as: respect, open-minded approach, feminism, the future of our planet, safe space, professionalism in what we do and of course last but not least: peace.

We would like to manifest all kinds of artists – no matter what genre they’re at right now. However, we are aware of the live music events supply & demand in Prague, and decided to focus this year’s edition on electronic & urban music – which in our minds has a bright & cheerful, rather than dark, vibe.